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Providing Field Recordings, Original Sound Design, Sound Editing, Music Editing, Conversions and Dutch Translations

Welcome to Ellen Meijers Studios

We have the creativity and experience to deliver original audio for your products. Specializing in original sound design and music editing, we also have comprehensive music and sound effects libraries, all digitally stored and networked.


"A blind man is able to complete games such as Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus using only what he hears. ... Garrett can play Exoddus from beginning to end without any help. ... He says that he can see the levels in his mind simply by listening to the sounds he hears, like footsteps, flowing water, and the beeps of bombs. Exoddus is particularly suited to Garrett's play style due to the widespread use of sound throughout each element of the game. He adds that even the music can be a cue toward something dangerous about to happen." (Blind Man Finishes Videogames Despite Lack of Sight by Tom Goldman, 2011)


Extensive Mac and PC troubleshooting skills and experience with Sony, Nintendo, PC and Microsoft game development software, Pro Tools TDM, Digi 003, Control|24, Lexicon Surround Reverb, Kurzweil K2500s, Logic Studio Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Mixman Studio Pro, Peak Pro, MetaSynth, Soundminer, SourceSafe, Perforce, Subversion and numerous TDM, Audio Units and VST plug-ins.

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